The HyperDoc Handbook

The HyperDoc Handbook


Want to redefine learning? Looking to better utilize devices? Eager to maximize face time in the classroom? HyperDocs are the solution to personalized instruction using technology in today’s modern classroom. They provide innovative ways to engage students and package digital lessons on a Google Doc. The HyperDoc Handbook is a practical reference guide for all K-12 educators looking to transform their teaching into blended learning environments. This book strikes a perfect balance between pedagogy and how-to tips, while also providing several lesson plans to get you going. After reading this handbook, educators will feel equipped to design their own HyperDocs using both Google Apps and the myriad of web tools available online. Let this book become your guide to:

  • Explore the pedagogy behind digital lesson design

  • Follow step-by-step directions on how to create a HyperDoc

  • Reflect and revise digital lessons using a checklist to “hack” your own HyperDocs

  • Select tech tools best suited for lessons

  • Connect and share with other educators

  • Copy and customize sample HyperDocs to use in your own classroom

HyperDocs will improve collaboration and instruction between all education stakeholders, including: students, teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, professional developers, and families. 


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