Making Your School Something Special

Making Your School Something Special



You want to make a difference in others’ lives; this is what brought you to education professionally. If you’re a teacher, you want your students to love coming to class. If you’re a school leader, you want your teachers to love coming to work. So how do you do this? How do you make your school a place where students and teachers alike want to be—because it’s where they feel energized, inspired…special? 

In Making Your School Something Special, educator and international speaker Rushton Hurley explores the mindsets, activities, and technology that make for great learning. You’ll learn:

  • How to think about and create strong learning activities, 
  • Why fostering and sharing successes benefits everyone, 
  • How to strengthen individual confidence in both students and teachers, and
  • How to know, and help others know, what makes your school special.

A great school is a place where everyone experiences meaningful learning, and this book is designed to help you and your colleagues make such learning happen at your campus.

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