Making Your Teaching Something Special

Making Your Teaching Something Special


What if you could truly love your teaching? 
What if every year in the classroom was better than the one before? 
What if you unequivocally knew that you were making a difference in students’ lives? 

In Making Your Teaching Something Special, educator and founder Rushton Hurley shows you how to make all of those what ifs a reality. In fifty short chapters, Rushton highlights five key areas of teaching that play a part in shaping your success as an educator. You’ll learn how to … 
* Build rapport with students
* Create engaging assignments and meaningful assessments
* Improve your delivery of instruction
* Strengthen your professional relationships on and beyond your campus
* Manage your time and records efficiently and effectively

Whether you are finding your way as a brand new teacher or are a seasoned teacher who is looking for some powerful ideas, Making Your Teaching Something Special offers inspiration and practical advice to help you make this year your best yet.

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