The Conference Companion

The Conference Companion


Teachers and learners: At a multi-day conference? Faculty meeting? Seminar? Listening to a podcast? Wherever you are learning, whatever your doodle comfort level, this jovial notebook is your buddy. Grab a pencil, pen, crayon, or quill. Sketchnotes, doodles, and creative play await both you and your students. Part workshop, part journal, and part sketchbook, these simple and light-hearted scaffolds and lessons will transform your listening and learning experiences while providing creative inspiration for your classroom. You'll learn sketchnote basics, expand doodle horizons, and fill this notebook with experiences you can take back to your students to enhance their thinking, learning, and community building. 

A primer for teachers wanting to infuse their practice with visuals and creative play that enhance learning and community connections, this little notebook aims to entertain and guide even the most novice and fearful doodler.

"Get doodling! Becky Green's sketchbook toolbox encourages all educators to channel their inner child and embrace their creative self. While there's lots of fun to be had throughout these engaging, light-hearted pages, you'll take away serious strategies for learning. Get that pen moving and turn what you see and hear into something you'll remember and use." --Cathy Hunt, founder of iPad Art Room, author of iPad Art: Lessons

"Sketchnoting is one of the most enjoyable, valuable, and memorable ways you can record ideas and information or visualise your thinking. Becky presents such a fun way to start your journey into visual note-taking through clearly guided steps and simple exercises to help you effortlessly draw and doodle more purposefully. Her exquisite hand-drawn illustrations will inspire you to develop your own style of drawing and to incorporate these into your notes. Take that first step and try some creative play at the next conference with this trusted companion to support you through it." --Nicki Hambleton, avid sketchnoter, presenter, art teacher (@itsallaboutart) 

"Do you think you can't draw like you used to? This book will convince you otherwise. Experience the benefits of doodling, and get ideas to use with students." --Heather Dowd, learning designer, author of Classroom Management in the Digital Age

"In an age when so much is changing in education, we can forget that it should be fun. Becky Green's book, The Conference Companion, offers playful, practical activities that won't just help you make the most of meetings and conferences but reconnect you to the creativity that makes teaching and learning joyful." --Eric Hudson, director of teaching and learning, Global Online Academy

"Becky Green has written a delightful guide to encourage doodling and sketchnoting during conferences and meetings. She provides prompts and tips to help you on your way to take visual notes, such as how to draw speech bubbles, arrows, different fonts, faces, and icons. She also shares many practical ideas for how to encourage a sketchnoting culture with your students. I admire her sense of fun and creativity and her determination to convince readers that anyone, at any age, can and should doodle." --Sylvia Duckworth, author of Sketchnotes for Educators

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