Bring the World to Your Classroom with Google Geo Tools

Kelly Kermode

Kelly Kermode currently serves as an Integrated Learning Specialist for Forest Hills Public Schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience, Kelly loves to think big and explore ways to think outside the box. Over her teaching career Kelly has taught over 17 different classes, including English, health, economics, algebra, computer information systems, web design, app development, tools for learning, AP Computer Science, and yearbook journalism. From Bolivia to California to Michigan to South Africa, Kelly loves to share her love for global education and infusing geo-literacy into all subjects. She leads workshops, provides coaching, conducts Google Bootcamps, and facilitates custom professional development for several entities including Forest Hills Public Schools, EdTechTeam, MACUL, CUE, ISTE, and EdTech Summit SA. Kelly is a member of the Google Earth Education Advisory Board, Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, CUE Lead Learner, Adobe Education Leader, Adobe Certified Expert, and Adobe Education Trainer. Kelly earned her B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy from Francis Marion University and her Masters in Ed. with Special Education endorsement from Aquinas College. Kelly is the proud mother to two children, Tynan and Madeleine. In her free time, Kelly enjoys reading, cooking, throwing pottery, and gardening. You can find her at @coachk on Twitter and


Bring the World to Your Classroom MasterClass will equip you to teach your students how to explore and create using new Google Earth, Google Maps, Google My Maps, Tour Builder, and more! You’ll find practical and powerful ways to …

  • Make student thinking visible so you can see how they are interpreting geographic data

  • Help your students travel the world near and far without leaving the classroom

  • Design lessons that make any subject come alive in new and exciting ways

  • Increase students’ geo-literacy skills, by giving them tools to help them reason about, and make decisions, regarding Earth systems

  • Understand how Google Geo Tools work with GSuite for Education.

Keynote: Creating Global Learners

Our kids are growing up in a global landscape, but do they know how to navigate it?

With new tools and media outlets, we can help our students become empathic, curious contributors to our global community.


Additional Speaking

Keynote: The Permission Slip

Do this. Don’t do this. Wait… Nope - change this.

It’s time to stop the madness of external noise and give yourself permission to teach to the whole child.

Keynote: Creating Global Learners

Our kids are growing up in a global landscape, but do they know how to navigate it?

With new tools and media outlets, we can help our students become empathic, curious contributors to our global community.

Creating Global Learners using Geo Tools - Part 1:

We live and work in a global society, and yet for many students their frame of reference is a very small community or neighborhood. Expand their horizons by including Google’s geo tools and apps so students can grow their understanding of how they fit in the global landscape. By getting kids creating we can better see how they are building skill sets and interpreting content to become global citizens. We will explore a variety of maker activities that involve geo tools, including Google Maps and Google MyMaps. Sample projects will be shared, and there will be time to tinker and create so you can build models and plan future opportunities for your students.


Creating Global Learners using Geo Tools - Part 2

This session does deeper into how we can incorporate Google's Geo tools, real-time data, and immersive learning into our teaching and learning. We will explore how to create interactive lesson and inquiry-based units using Google Earth, KML files, along with My Maps, Maps AND Tour Builder to support project workflows. The goal of this session is to learn how to ask that big picture question and lead learners through global investigations using data, news, and mapping.


Storytelling and Google Earth:

Create geo-based projects using Tour Builder and Google Earth. Together, these two apps pack a powerful punch in your students' abilities to share narratives and scientific findings across audiences. This is a make-and-take session, as we will build and export a project together.  If you have a little bit of Maps and My Maps knowledge and are looking for the next level, you have found it!


Bring your Classroom to Life using Virtual Reality:

Student can take field trips, explore different territories, environmental conditions, and even settings from novels - all from the comfort of their classroom - using virtual reality. Come and learn what is virtual reality and how you can bring this into your everyday teaching practices to level up the learning experience for kids. We will be exploring content for all levels and subject matters. Please bring a smart phone and/or tablet.