Code in Every Classroom

Kevin Brookhouser

Kevin Brookhouser, author of The 20time Project and Code in Every Class, teaches PBL, programming, and design at York School in California. He is a certified educator with Google and Raspberry Pi and serves on the board of The International School of Monterey. He is a learning animal.



It’s an accepted fact that all students need exposure to certain academic disciplines—algebra, world history, chemistry, and probably a Shakespeare play or two. Unfortunately, computer science has not yet risen to must-have status.

Given society’s reliance on technology in almost every aspect of modern life, Kevin Brookhouser finds the lack of programming education in schools shocking. Kevin shows teachers how take matters in their own hands and incorporate programming in what they already teach. Best of all, anyone can do it! In this MasterClass, all participants will learn fundamentals of computer programming and walk away having created their own program.

We’ll start with writing commands using block coding technology and writing simple programs using CoffeeScript. Teachers will then learn how to make simple and fun branching logic narratives, games, and apps using Google Slides. We’ll explore mobile app development with MIT’s App Inventor. Finally, we’ll cover basic electronics for programming gadgets powered by Arduino to launch amazing maker projects.  Teachers will walk away with an understanding of how they can apply computational thinking to what they currently teach to enhance critical thinking and complex problem solving skills.