Innovate with iPad

Kristen Wideen

Kristen Wideen has spent her career teaching in the United States and Canada teaching kindergarten through 6th grade. She is currently an instructional coach with the Greater Essex County District School Board in Windsor, Ontario. Kristen engages students through innovative and student driven projects that motivate students to take chances and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Kristen encourages the teachers and students in her school board to create, collaborate, communicate and motivate in their classrooms everyday.

Kristen is a proud member of the Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2013, and frequently writes about her educational journey at 


The MasterClass

Are you looking to engage and inspire your students through the use of iPads? Whether you have one iPad or twenty, this Master Class is for you.  Using their  book “Innovate with iPad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom,”  Kristen will provide a complete selection of clearly laid out engaging open-ended lessons to change the way you use iPad in the classroom. By simply downloading a few basic, open-ended creation apps, your students will engage in the learning process and demonstrate their newfound knowledge in the way that works best for them. You will be challenged to think differently about the role of technology in your classroom and how that role can be transformed when kids are active, creative, purposeful users of iPads. iPad lessons in all curriculum areas will be shared. Come and experience the transformation that occurs when iPads are used in a purposeful and authentic way.


Additional Speaking and Sessions

Creating Authentic Learning Stations for Primary Students


In this hands-on iPad workshop for intermediate users, we will explore how iPad can be used to support learning stations.  We will look at how iPad stations can help with assessment and review of essential skills. Examples of literacy, math, and science stations will be shared. These activities can be easily reproduced so students can work in cooperative groups or independently in your learning environment.  Come explore new and powerful ways to use these devices in your classroom.


Innovate and Transform with iPad - Math Ideas for the Primary Classroom 


With the influx of iPads into primary classrooms many teachers are wondering how to go beyond the “drill and kill” math app. This workshop is designed to show how iPads can be used in purposeful and authentic ways by exploring open-ended creative math applications. You will explore a variety of apps that support best practice and help to create a classroom that is innovative, collaborative, creation and choice driven. After examples are shared and "how to" demonstrations are given, participants will then have some hands on learning with various content creation apps. Participants will experience the transformation that occurs in a math program when technology is used in a purposeful and authentic way. Participants will leave with a variety of math lesson ideas that can be used immediately that will meet the unique and individual learning styles of their students.


Using iPad for Inquiry Based Learning in the Primary Classroom


This session will focus on strategies and practical ways to use iPad to promote curiosity, creativity, and exploration in the primary classroom. Creating a classroom environment where students' questions and observations are part of the daily work will be discussed in detail. Specific apps that promote inquiry and research skills will be shared.  How to incorporate Twitter, student blogs, and student led global projects to promote an authentic audience for students to connect with will also be discussed. Find out how students can answer essential questions, meet curriculum standards, and grow in observation, inquisitiveness, and reflective learning.