Matt Miller Says, Ditch That...

You might know Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) from his wildly successful books, Ditch That Homework and Ditch That Textbook. Or from his blog You may have met him at a teacher gathering for professional learning or crossed paths in a Twitter chat. Or you're one of the many lucky students who took Matt's class in middle America, Indiana. Either way, you're likely moved by his passion for education, children, and shaking up the way we teach and learn in K-12 Education. 

In part 2, Matt Miller explains Ditch Summit, why he is a career switcher, and how Twitter is the reason he is still a teacher.


Matt Miller has spent more than a decade in the classroom, creating unique learning experiences for his students through technology and creative teaching. He has been named one of the top 10 influencers in educational technology and e-learning worldwide. Recently, he has switched his focus from encouraging students to encouraging teachers.