Coming Soon: Bring the World to Your Classroom

Coming Soon: Bring the World to Your Classroom

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Release Date Feb. 20th

We live and work in a global society, but the only frames of reference many students have are their own communities or neighborhoods. Now you can expand your students’ horizons and improve their understanding of how they fit into the global landscape using Google’s Geo Tools.


Bring the World to Your Classroom will equip you to teach your students how to explore and create using Google Maps, Google My Maps, new Google Earth, Tour Builder, and more! You’ll find practical and powerful ways to …

  • Make student thinking visible so you can see how they are interpreting geographic data

  • Help your students travel the world near and far without leaving the classroom

  • Design lessons that make any subject come alive in new and exciting ways

  • Increase students’ geo-literacy skills, by giving them tools to help them reason about, and make decisions, regarding Earth systems

The concepts and skills that leading geo-education experts Kelly Kermode and Kim Randall explain in this book will help you make concepts concrete and empower you as you teach your students about being global citizens. Packed full of how-tos and sample projects, Bring the World to Your Classroom will move you and your learners forward as you learn to make meaningful connections to the world around you.

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