The Google Infused Classroom

Tanya Avrith

Tanya Avrith M.A. EdTech, is Google for Education Certified Innovator and Apple Distinguished Educator. She has been both a teacher and technology integration specialist. She works with educators, students, and parents addressing strategies for harnessing the power of social media. Tanya works with schools to help plan and execute large scale deployments and professional development plans for Digital Citizenship, iPad and Chromebook initiatives. She is also the co-founder of Follow Tanya on Twitter at @TanyaAvrith.

The MasterClass

In this hands-on and high energy masterclass, we will look at some of the most popular and simple tools that can be used to amplify teaching and learning in the classroom.  While tools are important, understanding the pedagogical ways we can use them to transform teaching is even more critical, and this masterclass will lay out a path for allowing teachers and students to make meaning of content. By the end of the day, educators will have learned how to better use technology to support and amplify the learning experiences in their classrooms. 

This masterclass will be built around the learning framework that helps educators make student thinking and learning visible, allows teachers to hear from every student and gives students a way to meaningfully share their work.

The session will include a look at 

  • Formative Assessment Ideas

  • Differentiated Instruction Techniques

  • Demonstrations of Learning

  • Reflection Ideas

Come prepared to create a lesson (or PD) from start to finish using the ideas presented in this workshop.